years photographing weddings/kids

i specialize in all of life's big moments. from the moment you both decide to spend forever together, if your lives shall take you down the path of parenthood and all of life's in-betweens. i will be there for you!  

- i am tucked away in NH with my fiance, our daughter and golden retriever. 
- i am very laid back, not much bothers me. i am very go with the flow which makes me a perfect sidekick for your wedding day, or your family session.
- my heart is definitely too big for my body, i'm the biggest sap.  i just feel everything sooo deeply. i will most definitely cry behind my camera on your wedding day.
- my work is fueled by nature & rainy days feed my soul. 
- i am mama, aunt and I was a nanny to a family of three girls for seven years - and i've photographed a wild amount of families.  i've even been gifted the name the 'child whisperer'.
- i live for storms and moody skies, they make me feel the most alive. 


weddings shot

over 100

graduated from New england school of photography, Boston 


years young


- what started out as a hobby - photographing my nieces and nephews, doing random photo shoots of my friends, driving around aimlessly to find different places to photograph, spending late hours in my room just editing pictures for fun... was then turned into a career. I took a year off after high school with absolutely zero plan of what I wanted to do next. never had a plan to go to college & never saved money for it either.  everyone kept telling me to go to school for photography though, so fast forward a year and i got the push i needed to say, "why not".   I filled out my application, sent in money and crossed my fingers suuper tight just hoping this insanely big leap i took would work out... and it did!  I got my acceptance letter and i was now digging my roots into the photo world. It all made so much sense the second i walked in the door of NESOP.  i am forever changed from that experience. 

Boston Voyager magazine

POP sugar

HEy, i'm molly

you can typically find me frolicking barefoot in the forest while chasing the sunset


we will make a good fit if...

you also get all giddy when the skies open up after a storm, when there is some moodiness in the air, if you feel alive when a storm is approaching, feel so much joy during a beautiful sunset, get excited for a really windy day and can't help but laugh.  if you're into those spontaneous moments of "let's do it!"  if mother nature makes you feel at peace, alive and home.  


If you want to remember how it really felt

 Years down the road you're not going to want to look back at that forced smile photo - you're going to want to see that scrunched up silly face they used to make, or how their true belly laugh looked, or how their energy and personality truly shines through them.  Trust me, they'll have a lot more fun if we just play and take photos, rather then forcing them to sit there and act a certain way.  I am not a sit and smile photographer, i want to give you and your children a true experience of fun!


let's get real

you're into the real raw moments. let's just go run around, not worry about your dress getting dirty, deep belly laugh and let me photograph you two truly in love. i'm not going to tell you to move your hand here, and tilt your head this way...i will try to remind you though to be as in the moment as you can be.  your love story is way too perfect to be worried about the small details.  i want to get to know the two of you, as a couple and photograph that. it's much more interesting. 



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