love letters

All I can say is THANK YOU! These are so so beautiful and photos that we’ll cherish forever. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing these are and how happy this makes us. You captured us in our element perfectly, and naturally - which is the most important part! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We rarely think to snap photos together, and we’re in awe that we get to hang these in our home to look at and show our children some day. You’re incredible at what you do, and you made our day so special. Not to mention you’re energy and laid back nature made us so comfortable and able to be ourselves. You’re an amazing photographer Molly! Thank you, thank you!!"
- Christine & Dante

"There have been infinite decisions along the path that has created my life. Jeremy has also made those infinite decisions. And somehow, we ended up on a path together, and that path led us to you. I thank my lucky stars that it did.
You have perfectly captured our love and all of those around us in a way I could never have dreamt. To say you have blown us out of the water, or stopped us in our tracks with amazement wouldn't do it justice. I can only consider "pure magic" as something remotely close because it is truly unexplainable perfection that you have managed to create. 
I hope you have no doubts in your work and your career because you were meant to do this. 
I could say thank you a million times over and it wouldn't be enough. We appreciate everything you have given us and will be forever grateful. 
You're the magic queen, don't ever forget it!
The Quills"

"not to mention you're energy and laid back nature made us so comfortable.."


I literally just sat in my car after work for like an hour with the biggest smile of my face looking through all these amazing photographs! They are all absolutely beautiful! We’re so happy that our crazy wedding journey included you! You captured all the special moments of our wedding day so beautifully. Chris and I are truly going to treasure these images for many years to come! Thank you so much again Molly you’re just AMAZING!! "

The Horgans

"OMG. Whenever I get your photos I am like "were we at the same photo shoot?" 😂 AMAZING!!!!! I love these already."

Cam and I are SPEECHLESS!  Our wedding photos are incredible.  YOU ARE SO AMAZING & TALENTED!  We are blown away and SO in love with them.  You captured us and our special day SO perfectly!
We were so excited to see our photos!  It worked out so perfectly that we received our photos when we did, as it allowed us to be home together to share in the experience of reliving our wedding celebration!  We were cuddled up on the couch for 2 hours with our eyes GLUED to the tv screen watching the slideshow.
THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!  These photos are so special to us and something we will hold dear to our hearts forever! 
I haven't even posted anything yet because i'm so overwhelmed with love for every photo, I can't choose just a few to share with the world! 
Kaylee & Cam" 

"A long time ago I told you how your images do more than merely document or freeze time.  They grab viewers and force them to spend a moment, that particular moment, and feel.  Like stopping to hear a sound or inhaling a familiar smell.  I am forever grateful to see your work."

"It was sooo magical and having you there was heaven.  Everyone kept asking me how long we'd been friends.  It was like you came to hang, and just so happened to have a fancy camera.  You're a true artist and an amazing person!"

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for all the pictures, videos and everything you did to document our girls childhood - truly brings tears to my eyes as cheesy as that is.  I just LOVE looking through them all."


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